ISO standards

An integrated management system is a system that provides the opportunity to work with several management standards.

QM365 meets all the requirements found in ISO 9001 quality management,  ISO 14001 environmental management, ISO 45001 health and safety management, and ISO 27001 information security management.

ISO has several management standards. Even though they are set for different goals, you can accomplish significant advances by simultaneously working with several of them. 

What are the most common management standards?

  • Quality management standard ISO 9001. This standard focus is to work more efficiently and reduce product failures
  • Health and safety ISO 45001 is essential for reducing accidents
  • Environmental management ISO 14001 has the environment as its focal point. With ISO 14001, you are working to reduce your environmental impacts and waste and be more sustainable
  • To secure your business’s sensitive information, your business can work accordingly to the Information security management standard ISO 27001
  • ISO 22000 is the management standard for food safety
    QM365 meets all the requirements found in these ISO management standards.

What is an integrated management system?

An integrated management system is a system that provides the opportunity to work with several management standards.
An Integrated Management System (IMS) combines all aspects of an organisation’s systems, processes and standards into one system.

This allows a business to streamline its management, save time, and increase efficiency by addressing all management system elements as a whole.
With this merger integrated with one system, you can get a complete decision basis.

An integrated management system is sound when you make decisions, target your areas for improvement, and in your risk management work.

QM365 is an integrated management system

In QM365, you can include all the management standards listed above. Your business may have a plan for retrieving one of these certifications shortly. If you choose our software, you do not have to change your software supplier if you need to add several standards later.

You can, of course, also benefit from the features in QM365 without reaching for one or several management standard certifications. QM365 help all of our customers with available process information, risk management, and a continuous focus on being better.

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