Data security with Microsoft 365

With your quality management system on Microsoft 365 you are ensured a high level of information security.

Our experience is that most new customers choose Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online over a local installation. It is probably based on their users demand regarding accessibility, but also the data security that comes with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft offers both secure data storage and great methods for businesses to work by.

Secure data storage

When it comes to data storage, Microsoft has a strict security regime on data stored with them.

Microsoft 365 includes high data security through regular backups, data encryption, the ability to manage access rights, secure passwords and much more. This is standard in Microsoft 365.

Through this platform, Microsoft also offers, among other things, a seamless exchange of encrypted and copyrighted e-mail to prevent unwanted sharing of sensitive data in documents and e-mails.


Your own data

With Microsoft 365 the data you put in is yours, even if it’s in the cloud. You control access to sensitive data with the guidelines you want. Functionality provided by Microsoft here also provides opportunities to both view all version history or retrieve previous versions of information. This functionality is also offered in the quality management system QM365 we deliver.

The system also includes rights management that prevents employees from having the right to make changes or accidentally delete important information.

Good methods for information security

Microsoft also offers two-factor authentication functionality for those who want additional login security. This is available functionality for everyone on Microsoft 365. Two-factor authentication is also available on our SIMPLI App for those customers who need this feature.

Microsoft 365 offers many opportunities to work with information security in your business. Feel free to read more about this in the article from Microsoft Top 10 ways to secure Microsoft 365 for business plans.

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