QM365 is quickly installed on your business’ Microsoft Office 365 and is delivered with a complete implementation guide.

Get you started

QM365 is a ready-to-use management system.

QM365 Guide is designed to help your business and project team to implement QM365. 

It is designed to give you both an understanding of the structure of QM365 and to build a new ISO based management system within the QM365 platform.

We have long experience when it comes to user-friendly management systems. The QM365 system have over ~150 active installations and 50.000 active users. It makes us a supplier you can depend on.


Choose your setup

What fits your need? Choose between the Essential, Business or Enterprise setup. Please know that you can upgrade your setup later.



System is installed in your MS 365 tennant.
Quick and easy install



Choose if you want to do a “broad inclusive” process with the whole organization, only Management group or “solo implementation” before roll-out to organization. We can support you in any case


Follow our guide

In addition to the system, we also provide a complete guide to take you through both systematic and professional implementation of your new management system.


Build your tailored QMS

Get a system that shows your processes and that reflects your focus area and complexity.
Add more modules and users as needed.


Yearly updates

Continuous improvement of the system with annual update to new version. Functionality is upgraded and updated in our central servers, even if the data is stored in your own MS 365