About us

Read about our mission, history and vision.

Our policy

4human QM365 will deliver complete, user-friendly tools for businesses that want to lead in a future-oriented and structured way.
We do this both as a supplier to our own customers and through joint deliveries together with our partners, 4human QM365 AS shall conduct its business in accordance with the applicable authority, self-imposed and customer requirements so that we avoid unnecessary strain or injury to personnel while our customers experience that we contribute to improving their performance.
Through our improvement work, we will continue to improve, while at the same time, by using our own products as a management system, we also improve our products.
We must facilitate a healthy working environment where everyone takes responsibility, shows commitment, feels well-being and belonging.

We will pursue our vision with our customers:

“One management – one management system”

We want to improve our delivery ability and quality of delivered products through strengthening our Release planning. One of our most important stakeholders when it comes to further development and improvement of our systems and advisory services is our customers. Therefore, 4human QM365 wants to facilitate good communication with all our customers.
We will increase sales/market share while ensuring constantly improved well-being and a good working environment.
Our advisers will assist our customers to improve environmental, HSE and quality performance.

Our management system is certified according to ISO 9001.

About us - our story

QM365 is a management system software that also comes with professional advice within the ISO management standards.

This is delivered both electronically through our QM365 ISO Guide and by our excellent advisors.

QM365 is delivered by the Norwegian company 4human QM365, part of the 4human group. We have provided user friendly management system software to our customers since 2006. 4human serves some 350.000 users across most sectors and across the world, with main focus on Europe.
4human delivers software in the HRM as well as QM/TQM segment.

Our focus on satisfied customers and continuous improvement have led to software that is user friendly, generic and flexible for all industries and available internationally.

QM365 is a modular and complete quality management system delivered on Microsoft 365, serving all management system standards including; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 as well as supporting many other similar standards.