About us

Read about our mission, history and vision.

Our policy

We will deliver complete, user-friendly tools for businesses that want to lead in a future-oriented and structured way. We shall conduct its business in accordance with current government, self-imposed and customer requirements so that we avoid unnecessary strain or damage to personnel and the external environment while our customers experience that we contribute to improving their performance.

Through our improvement work, we will constantly improve, at the same time as we also use our own products as management tools to make our products even better. We will facilitate a healthy work environment where everyone takes responsibility, shows commitment, feels well-being and belonging.

Our main focus is that the customer should be satisfied. We focus a lot on progress in our projects. We must grow at the same time as we ensure ever-improving well-being and a good working environment. Our advisors will assist our customers in a better environment and quality performance.

Our management system is certified according to ISO9001.

We will strive for our vision:

«Complete, efficient and user-friendly. Management systems for the future»

About us - our background story

QM365 is a management system software that also provides professional advice within the ISO management standards.

QM365 is delivered by the Norwegian company SIMPLI Software AS. We have provided user friendly quality management systems for our customers since 2006.

Our focus on satisfied customers and continuous improvement have led to software that is international available. QM365 is a complete quality management system delivered on Microsoft 365.