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What is QM365 Guide?

QM365 Guide is designed to help your business and project team to implement QM365. It is designed to give you both an understanding of the structure of QM365 and to build a new management system within the QM365 platform. 

The content in QM365 Guide is categorized by theme, so it is easy for you to navigate and work effectively with your implementation run. You will find  structures content that includes both descriptions in word and video guides.

How to do quality management by the book

QM365 is a good system to avoid making the same mistake several times. It is a good system for working with risk assessments and for having a good overview of “our way” in a single system for all employees.
Is your business’ goal to get certified on one or several management standards?

QM365 meets all the requirements in the standards for management systems within quality, information security, HSE and environmental management.

The guide is here to help

Building a completely new quality management system can be demanding for a business without external help. QM365 Guide is included in the software we deliver, and helps your company efficiently and structured through the implementation.

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