Why should I perform an internal audit?

The management standards from ISO states that you must carry out internal audits. But why is this a wise thing to do?

Internal audits are a brilliant way to minimise the number of errors and can save your business considerable amounts.

Internal audits are also a helpful method to

  • ensure compliance with various requirements
  • determine the effectiveness of your implemented system on specified objects such as quality, environmental or financial
  • find improvement areas
  • provide feedback to top management

You can read more about internal audits in ISO 9001 here. https://www.iso-9001-checklist.co.uk/internal-audit-explained.htm

What is an internal audit?

During an internal audit, you go through routines and processes and check that the map matches the terrain. An internal audit is an independent review internally, preferably led by a quality manager or a department manager.

Many companies are required to check that their routines and processes comply with the law. And you are required to check that the work is carried out according to established procedures and processes.

Increase your commitment to the audits!

We believe audits can spark interest and strengthen commitments among employees – not just engage the quality manager or department manager.

Internal audits have to be held once a year to be checked off in the requirement list. But. With a sound system to support you, you can start an internal audit based on trends and findings in the deviation system or through a risk assessment.

For both this and the periodically planned internal audits, it is wise to divide up what is to be reviewed. By, for example, defining a few processes or a single part of the organisation, the internal audit becomes more clear and manageable.

Include more employees in the internal audit

QM365 helps you get an overview of the history and turn findings in the audits into cases and measures that you can distribute throughout your organisation. This creates commitment through the responsibility for weeding out errors and making the processes more correct and efficient is distributed throughout the business.

Are you looking for a good solution for performing internal audits?

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