Integrated management system – what does it mean?

An integrated management system is a system that can handle several management standards simultaneously. But what does that mean?

The most common management standards are all built up according to the same structure and, for the most part, require the same amount of documentation. 

For example, the standard for environmental management (ISO 14001) has only a few points not mentioned in the standard for quality management (ISO 9001). In both ISO standards, you are expected to have an overview of the company’s processes, risks, requirements and have a conscious relationship with improvement work.

The same applies to the standards for working environment (ISO 45001), information security (ISO 27001) and food safety (ISO 22000).

The structure is called High Level Structure (HLS) and makes it easier for the company to work with several standards at the same time.

What are the benefits of an integrated management system?

For those of you who want to work with several of the management standards, there are a number of advantages to combining this into one management system:

1. You get a more accessible overview of the connections in the company

2. Risk evaluations are based on more complete risk images. One risk can often concern both HSE and quality.

3. Then, you can take into account all relevant standards at the same time when your business is going to make smart decisions and achieve its goals.

4. The company’s various policies can be handled and communicated through one system

5. Your employees get a more efficient working day when they can relate to one deviation system, regardless of whether the incident they are to report concerns HSE, quality, environment, information security or food safety

QM365 offers an integrated control system

If you plan to, now or later, be certified on management standards, choose a management software that is an integrated management system.

QM365s management system meets the requirements in the management standards for quality (ISO 9001), HSE (ISO 45001), environment (ISO 14001), information security (ISO 27001). and food safety ( ISO 22000). 

Feel free to contact us for more information. You are also welcome to book a demo today!

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