Three good reasons to think about quality management

Do you feel that you are wasting much time looking for the latest document version? What do you do if one of your employees leaves? Does your company have control over where its crucial information is found? 

Here are three good reasons to think about quality management!

1. A Better understanding of the company’s deliveries through documented processes

By mapping and drawing up the activities in the company in a process flow, you are forced to think through what is the start, in what order things happen and what is the endpoint. A visual presentation of this can contribute to an increased understanding of specific deliveries and connections between deliveries in a company. Each process can be further specified using routine descriptions, checklists, risks and measures and responsibility matrices.

Process mapping is a visual way to describe how the work in a company takes place across departments and organizational boundaries.

2. Less waste of working time

Who hasn’t spent a little too much time looking for the latest version of a presentation or other important document? A sound quality management system ensures that original governing documents are stored in one place.

Copies of this document can be displayed in different places so that it is always easy to find the information you need when you need it. This saves time as you only need to change the original document in one place, and then all the published copies will also be updated.

Version control of documents gives extra reassurance that the correct version of the document is in front of you.

3. Less vulnerability 

There is always a risk that an employee with critical competence and key information suddenly is on a long-term sick leave –  or submitting his resignation. Perhaps just before an important delivery. If you then do not have good routines for storing and documenting information and work tasks, this can put the company in a difficult situation. A good quality management system ensures that work tasks and information are stored so that other colleagues can more easily understand relevant tasks that must be solved.

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