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What is the cost of your business’ deviations?

One of the goals of your business’ work with quality is to avoid making the same mistake over and over. Do you know how much your business’ deviations cost you?

Many of our customers start their implementing of a new quality management system with deviations and improvement.

For many companies, the deviation and improvement work is what most employees in the company can realy relate to. The deviation handling system becomes a very concrete tool with obvious benefits. The numbers speak for themselves in pure sums on what the cost of errors amounts to.

This certainly also applies after prioritizing improvement work. You can easily see how much the company saves in QM365 through good improvement work.

Improvement based on facts

In QM365 you can easily find out where the actual problem areas are. It is also quick to find a view where you can read the cost of your business’ errors.

An additional motivator may be to compare one period with another. This is useful information to share to motivate employees with their further work with improvement.

Lower expenses after a period with a focus on improvement work are concrete figures to show management and owners.

Find the numbers easily

These figures can also be captured through various types of audits or in a management review of the company in QM365. QM365 easily shows how the development has been from one period to another.

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