QM365 is a complete, yet user friendly, quality management system. Our software makes it easy for your employees to get an overview over their processes, report deviations and find trends for improvement.

Why choose QM365?

QM365 is a ready-to-use management system. It is quickly installed on your Microsoft Office 365 platform.

QM365 is a complete and user friendly, quality management system with many smart functions.  Each employee can easily get a overview of their processes/tasks and even better – all relevant information is visibible in one single view: process description, documents, risk evaluations, targets, requirements, compentence needed for the task and much more!

QM365 comes with a complete implementation guide. Firstly, our Guide contains all our courses and gives you a step-by-step Guide how to implement all widely used ISO standards in QM365. Guide also conatains several templates to be used during impelmentation (why re-invent the wheel again?). In addition, Guide is a great help in how to keep a healty QMS running throughout its lifetime.

In addition – all data are registered in the QM365 SharePoint database. Classic documents aren’t even needed, though we have a great module for just that. Our database format enables really quick editing/updating of the data, and quick access for end users and powerful reports & tools.

Management by the book

Simply explained, our system is a good system to avoid making the same mistake several times. QM365 is a solid system to work with your risk assessments, requirements and different types of audits. Summed up, it gives a good overview of “our way” in one single system. Available for all employees.

Is your business’ goal to get certified on one or several management standards from ISO? Then it is good to know that QM365 meets all the requirements in the ISO standards for management systems within quality, information security, HSE, environmental management and personal data protection.

Choose your setup

We offer our solutions in three different packages. Please find the option best suited to your business’ needs.

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