How to Encourage employees to report incidents

For your business to achieve its continuous improvement goals and fewer errors, you also need to be notified when errors have occurred. How can you best motivate your employees to say that something needs improvement?

One of the most important things you can do is to give your employers a deviation system that is efficient and easy to use. 

  • Select a user-friendly system
  • Ask only for the essential elements in the registration form
  • Ensure your employees that reported cases will be followed up

Choose one system that can handle all types of deviations

Your deviation management system should handle all types of deviations in one system. This function gives your employees only one deviation system to deal with, regardless of whether the incident concerns health and safety, the environment, or quality.

Automatic follow-up

With QM365, the system will ensure that the cases are sent to the correct case manager. The person who becomes a case manager is notified of a new case by e-mail and has the assignment included in their overview in the deviation management system. If the case manager for any reason overlooks the case, there is an automatic notification to an escalation level when the deadline expires.

In addition, the notifier can follow up on the case he has reported. In this way, it is difficult for a case to be forgotten and overlooked in the system.

Make the registration available

Many companies have several employees working outside of the office without the opportunity to register an incident on a computer. Maybe they will report their observed incidents when they return to the office – but most likely not. In that case, we will recommend you to choose a deviation management system that also can offer your employees incident registration on phone or tablet via a mobile app.

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