the value add of a quality management system

What value will a management system add?

For the quality manager, it is often obvious that a good management system is useful for their organization. But what is the value to the chief financial officer or business manager?

The answer here is quite simple: A good management system helps everyone in the business to know “how we do it here”. There is a lot of benefits to this.

A management system allows the company to get an overview of its risks and how these can be reduced.

Most importantly. Your business’ quality management system can help your business to work on reducing the number of errors. And, of course, avoid making the same mistake several times.

A complete system

QM365 is a management system that can include both what matters in terms of quality, an overview of the HSE area, and your work regarding environmental management. This also provides a clear advantage. Decisions can with QM365 be made based on a more complete picture. Not just for one area or department at a time.

In other words, the system provides value for the individual employee in his or her everyday life – and becomes a useful tool for the management level when setting goals, defining strategies, and seeing opportunities.

Avoid making the same mistake over and over again

Knowing the whole picture for their business also lowers the likelihood of making mistakes.

The reports on your business’ improvement work in QM365 provide a good basis for actually seeing how the business works and discovering problem areas.

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